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The 3rd BeiJing NanLuoGuXiang Theatre Festival >> Performance

Penghao Theatre
2012/6/28,29 19:30    2012/ 6/30 14:30

Playwright: S. Yizhar
Director: Ruth Kanner
  AT SEA is comprised of two stories associated with two seas. One takes place at the shore of the Sea of Galilee, and the other at the Mediterranean Sea. By exploring the landscapes of nature, Yizhar's text is exposing the landscapes of the soul: people's covert desires, fears and conflicts.
  S. Yizhar (1916 – 2006) - an Israeli writer, a great innovator in Modern Hebrew literature, an educator and a central Israeli public figure.Yizhar's deep knowledge of the Israeli land and flora is evident in his landscape descriptions and his emphasis on the relationship between person and place.Yizhar's use of language is unique. With his long sentences and combination of literary Hebrew and street jargon, he draws the reader into his heroes' stream of consciousness.
  His last work, Gilui Eliahu, set in the period of the Yom Kippur war, was published in 1999 and later adapted for the stage by Ruth Kanner. The play won first prize at the prestigious Akko Festival of Israeli Theatre in 2001.
  Ruth Kanner has been the creator of experimental productions since the early 80's. Currently she leads her own theater group – specializing in adapting literary and documentary texts to the stage, using a variety of innovative story-telling theater and movement techniques. She is an Associate Professor at the Department of Theater Arts of Tel Aviv University, Israel, and she also presents lectures and workshops in Israel and worldwide. Her program "Israeli Storytelling", a theatrical lecture accompanied by acted theatrical scenes has been presented in Prague, Wroclaw, New Delhi, New York, London, Wales, Zagreb and Jerusalem.
Director's Note:
  After I had read the powerful, fascinating texts of S. Yizhar, I began looking for distinctive theatrical means for representing his unique writing. I strongly felt that my search must delve into the deepest modes of theatrical expression: the body, the human movement and voice, the visual imagery.
  A main decision was to use the genre of Storytelling Theater, where the text is not adapted into a dramatic dialogue but remains in its original literary form. The narrative is transferred from one actor to another and the storyteller's viewpoint gives meaning to the words. The general approach is characterized by representation rather than imitation of the literary contents, constantly searching for signifiers that could represent the deep essence of the events.
  Thus, the theatrical representation of "Swimming in the Sea" does not imitate the water, the waves or the vortexes, but stages an independent metaphor in which an individual is struggling against social pressures represented by people on stage.
  For the story "Walking by the Sea" I created a basic metaphor of purity by using a gigantic white paper, subjected to various changes such as crumpling, tearing, writing on. These enable the actors to create a collection of variations on the theme of love and emotional growth and revelation.

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