The Country's First Campus Digital Science and Technology Museum Opened 04-27
  District Landscaping Bureau Carries out Bird-loving Week Activities 04-17
  Third Liuyin Park Willow Culture Festival Officially Opened 04-08
  District Youth Federation Carries out a Series of Activities of the Cultural Salon Entering Cultural... 04-03
  Grand Opening of National Photography Exhibition in the Name of Millennium Royal Capital and Peony C... 03-22
  The Elderly Medicaid Reimbursement Period Shortened due to Two Measures 03-20
  Ditan Temple Fair Summary of Activities of Taiwan Image Charm Show Held in the Taiwan Center 03-06
  Jiaodaokou Street Held the Nanluoguxiang Fourth Jingzhe Gongs and Drums Culture Festival. 03-01
  Beijing Ming Great Wall Ruins Park Plum Blossom Box Wins Award of Merit at the ninth Beijing gift To... 02-28
  Two Subsidiaries of Sinopec Beijing Petroleum Settled in the District 02-21
  Qiao Niang Celebrating Spring Festival 02-14
  Ditan Longtan Temple Fair Mobilization Held on February 5 02-05
  New Adjustment in Beijing Secondary Vocational Education Tuition-Free Policy and State Grants 01-28
  The First Happy Young Football Festival of Dongcheng District Held in The Temple-of-Earth Stadium 01-21
  The Press Conference of 2013 The Temple of Earth, Longtan Spring Festival Cultural Temple Fair Held 01-16
  The Principals of French Paris Bilingual School Visit Shijia Hutong Primary School 01-08
  The district administrator participated in the Orleans Event of the Seventh Sino-France Round Table ... 12-28
  Mr. Niu Qingshan has contributed to the “Discussions on the Arabia States of the Gulf with the Stabi... 12-19
  “The Life Touched with Cultures”, a Theme Activity of Beijing Culture Volunteers for the Internation... 12-11
  The Anti-season Basketball Tournament started off at the Dongdan Sports Center. 12-03