Home Activities of 2012 Dongcheng District Science and Technology Week Held in Longtan Park 06-12
  The Mobilization Meeting of the Second "Catering in Dongcheng District" Gourmet and Cultur... 06-04
  The Opening Ceremony of China Academy of Fine Arts under China Culture and Media Group and the China... 05-24
  Belarusian Delegation's Visit to Education Center in Dongzhimen Community 05-17
  Kari Tapio Hiltunen, Counselor of Technology from Finland Embassy to China, Visited Yongheyuan on A... 05-10
  Dongcheng District Leaders Met the group of Tadao Ichimiya, executive officer of Yamada Denki, Japan... 05-03
  The 14th "Universities and Colleges" Open Ballroom Dance Held in the Gym of Ditan 04-23
  Ditan Spring Shopping Season & the Third Intangible Cultural Heritage Fair Opened on March 23 04-18
  Launching Ceremony of "2012 Nanguan Environmental Science 04-11
  Four Handicrafts of Huashi Appeared as the New Highlight of Pantaogong Temple Fair 04-06
  CCTV Animation Company was Awarded China Top 10 Copyright Holders of 2011 by CPCC 03-22
  District Leaders Scheduled the Information System Work of Gridded Social Service Management at Dong... 03-15
  Respective Honorary Title for the Civilization Office and Education Committee: " the Advanced U... 03-08
  Rewards for the 27th Ditan Temple Fair and the 29th Longtan Temple Fair in "the Seventh Beijing... 03-01
  District Urban Management Supervision Center Applying 3G Device to Monitor Fireworks Playing for the... 02-29
  Hu Jintao, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of China, and Chairman of the M... 02-22
  The 27th Temple of Earth and the 29th Longtan Spring Festival culture temple fairs opened 02-13
  Dongcheng District Winning the Honor of “2011 Outstanding District in Food Safety Measures” 02-06
  Leaders of the District Met the Chairman of Jardine Matheson (China) Group 01-16
  The Second Beijing TCM Herbal Paste Festival Held in Ditan Park 12-20