Dongcheng District Celebrates the Army Day 07-26
  Dongcheng District Campaign at Military Camp 07-26
  Cultural Shows in the Intense Heat of the Community 07-26
  Case Judgment in Juvenile Moot Court 08-10
  Dongcheng District Participates in the Municipal Sports Meeting 07-26
  Tutors Enter the Community to Teach Children Rules 07-26
  The First Feng Chao Xian Sheng Settled in Dongcheng District 07-26
  Chinese Classic Reading by Youth Activity Successfully Held 07-26
  Dongcheng District Develops a Random Snapshot APP for Citizens 06-28
  Micro Film Helps Innovate and Promote Intangible Culture 06-28
  Promotional Activities for Active Elderly Care Initiative 06-28
  Home Delivery of Medicine to Benefit Everyone 06-28
  District Organized a Visit to “Gold Stick” Old-age Apartment 06-28
  Put to Work to Deliver Love to Outdoor Laborers 06-28
  Dongcheng District Organized a Visit to XinAo Musuem 06-28
  Drama Season Close-Up Mini-Play Staged as Planned 06-28
  Ice Skating in Summer Sub-district 05-28
  Organized “Dongcheng Great Culture” Themed Visit 05-28
  Iodine Deficiency Disorders Prevention and Control Day 05-28
  Building an Entrepreneurship Service Platform 05-28