“Eight Involvements” to Promote Centralized Management 04-23
  Business Policy Went to Enterprises 04-23
  Special Law Enforcement Actions 04-23
  Went on the Stage of China National Theatre 04-23
  Dongcheng District Organized Special Spring Job Fair Themed 03-19
  Party Connecting Popular Feelings for a Harmonious Society 03-19
  Dongcheng Youth Association Organized Symphony Concert 03-19
  Warmth Delivered by Ice and Snow and Love Conveyed by Sports 03-19
  Dongcheng District held a Hands-on Activity Themed 03-19
  Chongwai Held National Ear-care Day Publicity Activity 03-19
  Dongcheng Promotes Further Opening of Service Industry 03-19
  Sunshine Sports Happy Youths Football Festival Opened 01-24
  Dongcheng District Realized Full Coverage of Micro Grid 01-24
  A Law Popularization Robot Promoted Law 01-24
  the Performance on the First Government-led Fund 01-24
  the Golden Shear Training Activities 01-24
  Dongcheng District Held Employment Assistance Month 01-24
  Beijing Campus Winter Sports Promotion Activity 01-24
  The 3rd Dongcheng Ice Cuqiu Competition was Successfully Held 01-24
  Old Care Catering Service Station Opens 12-11
  Respect and Care to the Elderly 12-11