“Gathering in Beijing – a Special Art Performance for Chinese and Foreigners to Celebrate the Spring... 02-15
  Delegation from US Department of Education Visited a Vocational School of Over 100 Years’ History 02-15
  Jingshan Street welcomed the International Garden City Inspection Delegation 09-07
  Deputy Speaker of The Republic of Korea's (ROK) National Assembly Visited Shi Zi Po Community 08-23
  The Opening of the 2nd Wangfujing Summer Relieve Shopping Festival 07-30
  British Volunteers Participate in Dongcheng District’s Jian Guomen Street “Low Carbon, For a Better ... 07-30
  Chinese-French Writers and Critics Discuss Contemporary Literary Works 07-30
  The Chairman of Dongcheng District Tourism Administration Met The Osaka Tourism Exchange Bureau Join... 07-14
  Increasing International Exchanges of Dongcheng District’s Civil Servants To Facilitate Dongcheng’s ... 06-30
  A delegation of 16 social workers from Indiana University, USA had a tour of Dongcheng District’s He... 06-30
  The Tenth Annual World Travel & Tourism Summit Kicks off in Beijing 06-11
  District Mayor Yang Yi Wen Met Professor Walter Meyer, Counselor of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ch... 06-11
  Deputy District Mayor Mao Gui Fen Met Mr. V. James Marini, Superintendent of Schools of Newtown Publ... 06-11
  The Signing of the Memorandum of Friendly Exchange Between Dongcheng District and the Borough of Que... 06-11
  Foreign Residents Can Use ‘Honesty Card” to Borrow A Bicycle to Minimize Carbon Dioxide Emission 04-28
  Nanxincang International Food Festival 04-28
  French‘Wukong’Nanchizi Teaches English 04-28
  The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam Surveying Delegation’s Visit to Dongcheng Di... 04-28
  The Official Opening of the 2010 Beijing international food festival at Wangfujing Commercial Street 04-27
  ‘The elegance of Siheyuan (Chinese quadrangle courtyard) – Beijing Dongcheng hundred-Siheyuan (hundr... 04-27